How often do I need treatment?

Clearly this answer differs depending on who is asking the question. In more chronic cases Stephanie may wish to see a patient monthly for best results. How long you decide to be part of NSOC is your decision. Much like those attending a personal trainer might continue their exercise program weekly to maintain the benefits, some of our patients attend regularly to not only resolve their pain but to prevent their pain returning and for overall improvement in their wellbeing and health. Others only attend when they are in pain. Stephanie will be your guide with treatment requirements after assessment & monitoring of your progress.

Is Chiropractic and Osteopathy always safe?

No, just like in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science there are some treatments that are contra-indicated for certain conditions or diseases. Stephanie has been a practitioner for 34 years and makes very informed decisions as to when treatment is or is not appropriate. Every endeavor is taken to supply quality care to all patients at all times. If at any time it is decided that any patient cannot benefit from appropriate care at this clinic subsequent alternatives to chiropractic and osteopathy will be recommended including referral back to a GP.

Do I have to have manipulation?

No. The joy of 30 years plus experience is that Stephanie has many techniques from which to choose all with the aim of improving your health & getting rid of your pain &/or stiffness.

Does my private health insurance cover treatment?

Stephanie is a registered Osteopath and a registered Chiropractor, with all health insurance providers covering you for treatment if you have extras cover. The HICAPS service available at the clinic allows us to provide you with on the spot private health insurance rebates.

Do I need a referral?

No. Osteopaths and Chiropractors are registered primary health care practitioners, therefore you do not require a GP referral to make an appointment.


Using devices of any kind go hand in hand with back & neck pain. There are lots of ways to minimise your chances of getting pain. We at NSOC can go way beyond the words “sit up straight!”