Our services


As a patient at our clinic you are offered a thorough approach to your healthcare with extended consultations which do not just focus on manipulation of the spine.

Given that we have a wealth of experience in treating pain, age is not a barrier. Our oldest patient treated being 97 years old! We use both osteopathic and chiropractic techniques to get the very best results for you.

  • Soft tissue techniques such as massage, stripping of the muscles and myofascial trigger point release form an important part of all treatments.
  • Dry needling, joint manipulation, activator, lymphatic and sinus drainage and other osteopathic techniques may also be used where appropriate.
  • Soft tissue dry needling is used when appropriate and works a treat as an adjunct with other techniques.  It is never used as a treatment alone.
  • Your participation in your care is essential. Education forms a valuable role in getting the best out of your treatment with exercise, stretching and lifestyle advice all being discussed. Through careful examination and diagnosis, Stephanie will highlight the cause of your problems so you can manage your own health and stay active.
  • We do not x-ray every patient as this is not a healthy approach to treatment. However, if you need x-rays we will organise these for you and even have you bulk billed, hence they will not cost you anything.
  • Patients with chronic illnesses/conditions can talk to us about obtaining Medicare assistance through the Allied Healthcare Plan.
  • A range of pillows, insoles & pain relieving creams are prescribed to enhance your pain management regime.


What do we treat?

We treat from your feet right up to the top of the head & scalp!

  • Osteoarthritis of all joints
  • Tendon and ligament strains and inflammation
  • All muscle pain, injuries, strains and tears
  • Bursitis of the hip, shoulder, knee, elbow and the Achilles tendon
  • All back and neck related pains
  • All trigger points including in the face, jaw and head
  • All headaches and migraines
  • All feet issues such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, osteoarthritis, bunions, etc.
  • Women’s health issues including symptoms associated with period pain and endometriosis
  • Post-operative pain not only responds very well to hands on care including dry needling but recovery rates are dramatically shortened with our assistance



If you as a parent have a scoliosis there is a high likelihood that your children may develop one too. If a structural scoliosis remains undetected during childhood & adolescence it will remain for a lifetime. Once the bones cease growing, any chance of attempting to straighten a scoliosis will be unsuccessful.

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